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What is time stamping and what are its applications?

Was the request submitted within the deadline? Who issued the invoice? When was the transfer carried out? The answers to these questions contain very important information that is necessary not only to be clear, but also to be recorded. If the document is on paper, the date stamp will quickly show all this information; however, in electronic documents and transactions, time stamping will be in charge of certifying the exact moment and leaving evidence of this information, while avoiding manipulation and providing data integrity.

Here we explain you what time stamping is, what its applications are and its importance in electronic signatures.

What is time stamping?

Time stamping is a system that allows you to verify the integrity of data; that is, it proves that the data are real and have not suffered any alteration since they were produced. 

This integrity is precisely a fundamental element to achieve a secure digital signature that has all the competences and legal requirements. 

On the other hand, considering that the electronic signature is a set of electronic data attached or logically associated to others that are used to sign documents electronically, time stamping becomes essential, since it guarantees the integrity of the set of data that make up the electronic signature, certifying them, verifying them and guaranteeing that they will not be modified.

In addition to this, time stamping also guarantees that the date, time, place of signature and mailing address data of the sender and receiver will not be altered.

In short: time stamping guarantees the integrity of the electronic signature and all the data contained in it. 

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What are the practical applications of time stamping?

In any electronic document or transaction there is a series of data where integrity and verification is needed. However, the most common applications of time stamping are as follows:

  • Electronic invoicing. Thanks to the certification of the date of issue on the invoice, we can obtain a decisive evidence in legal proceedings for late payment.
  • Secure transactions in any e-commerce. Time stamping brings much more security to the methods of payment for users who make electronic purchases.
  • Reliable traceability. For example, in the logistics sector, where thanks to time stamping you can prove that the goods arrived at their destination on time and following the defined steps.
  • Electronic registration. Thanks to time stamping you will be able to certify all the necessary documents in the processing. 
  • Electronic voting. Achieving a safer, faster and more transparent system.
  • Electronic Visa. Electronic stamping can help us to prove that the documents have been sent telematically within the stipulated period.
  • Public tenders or bids. As in the previous case, time stamping allows us to ensure compliance with deadlines when carrying out any administrative procedure.
  • Electronic signature.Guarantees data protection and date integrity.

Who issues the time stamping?

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Time stamp cannot be provided by any of the parties involved, as the integrity and signature may not be reliable.

Time stamping must be provided by a third party, which is known as a Time Stamping Authority and represents the figure of a service provider. 

They are totally impartial and are known in Europe as:

Son totalmente imparciales y en Europa son conocidos como:

  • Time Stamping Service Providers
  • Time Stamp Authority
  • TSA

REALSEC, Time Stamping Services Providers

REALSEC is a cybersecurity company that offers time stamping solutions. Thanks to its Cryptosec Openkey TSA  in appliance format you can get the certainty and guarantee that the data arising in all electronic processes and transactions will be protected, achieving the integrity of the same in the digital signature.

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