REALSEC empowers its partners in its Hardware Security Module HSM

First training and certification workshop for partners

The week of March 20th was the date chosen by REALSEC for the celebration, in its headquarters and R&D Center, of training and certification workshops of their partners.
During this workshop, partners from Peru, the Dominican Republic, Spain, among other countries in Latin America attended the event.
The contents of this training focused on different topics as introduction to cryptography; Cryptosec LAN training solutions (cryptographic server) and Cryptosec Banking (HSM for REALSEC payments) as well as other theoretical concepts of the solution for the remote loading of ATMs keys (Cryptosec RKL) and our digital signature server (CryptoSign Server) together with other contents of interest and exposure of practical cases.
This agenda extended and adapted at the request of the participants, who stood out for their high degree of proactivity, participation and interaction with the trainer, Sergio Soler, Technical Director of REALSEC.
Upon completion of these workshops, all our partners expressed great satisfaction of the program and the trainer, as they were beyond their expectations.
It is worth stating that with this practical and theoretical knowledge, our partners are fully qualified to implement facilities on REALSEC customers from different countries where they manage our accounts.

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