New whitepaper on Encryption and Digital Signature for Intelligent Organizations

REALSEC together with IDC Research launches the whitepaper “Encryption and Digital Signature for Intelligent Organizations” where the consulting firm has developed a strategic study on the current state of HSM (Hardware Security Module) implementation by different organizations and know what their growth prospects are for the next few years at global level.
This analysis focuses on both the general purpose HSM and the HSM with financial cryptographic hardware that have specific banking applications and for methods of payment.
From the different conclusions that are extracted from this study, we can deduce that encryption and digital signature based on cryptographic hardware provide the most robust security to protect our information and minimize the risks of cyberattacks and whose applications we are able to see in the authentication of the methods of payment, the use of PKI for IoT and the boom of the blockchain technology, among others.
Another forecast of this study is that the HSM market will exceed 900 million euros in 2021, which turns out to an average growth of 10%.
Therefore, the proliferation of hardware security modules for robust encryption and digital signature processes is now a growing reality that will continue to be consolidated in the coming years.
We invite you to read the press release about this study and download our whitepaper.

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