PROSA Mexico, one of the most important electronic transaction processors in Latin America, chose REALSEC’s cryptographic technology to give greater security to the transactions of its customers, as it works with different banks and franchisors of methods of payment operating in the region such as: Banco Santander, American Express, Scotiabank, Banorte, Banjército, Banco del Bajío, CSB (Consubanco) …; among many other companies in this and other industrial sectors.

For more than 50 years, PROSA has been promoting the use of methods of payment in order to simplify and bring greater transparency and security to financial operations, so it has been recognized, on different occasions, as one of the most innovative companies in Mexico.

The protection of transactions carried out is a critical factor for PROSA, who knows in detail the needs of the financial sector and therefore, they chose REALSEC as a strategic partner for the implementation of its security solutions for methods of payment, a key aspect for the optimal development of its business.

REALSEC, is an international manufacturer of encryption, digital signature, time stamping, PKI and Blockchain solutions for the financial and methods of payment, government, defense and industrial sectors.

REALSEC’s cybersecurity solutions are integrated into a [HW+SW+ HSM] appliance and accompanied by a high level of support and maintenance. In addition, the HSM (Hardware Security Module) Cryptosec DEKATON, has the highest and recognized security features and certifications, such as PCI and FIPS.

PROSA highlights the following points from REALSEC:

  • REALSEC replaced the technological infrastructure without economic and continuity impacts towards PROSA.
  • The proactivity shown by REALSEC has made easier for PROSA to achieve its business and technological objectives.
  • REALSEC’s products have great stability that guarantee the continuity of the services offered by PROSA to its customers.
  • Excellent technical and after-sales service by the REALSEC team, which has always shown a wide availability of its services at the time of being required, both on site and remotely.
  • In turn, REALSEC has brought great willingness and agility when borrowing equipment, replacement and backup components have been required.
  • Adaptability of REALSEC, at all times, towards the priorities and solutions required by PROSA.
  • For some deliveries and projects, it showed an unmatched commitment by reducing delivery time by up to 30%.
  • REALSEC’s collaboration in the File System encryption project was decisive for its success.

In the words of the head of Switch Production PROSA, Claudio Ávila Luna: “HSM Cryptosec Banking are equipment that guarantees the security in the methods of payment that banking in Mexico needs, in addition to allowing us to offer quality services and guarantee the continuity demanded by PROSA customers. Our experience with equipment and maintenance service leads us to continue and maintain a long-term relationship with REALSEC.”

Also the CEO of REALSEC, Jesús Rodríguez, noted: “For REALSEC, PROSA is a strategic customer and an important reference in the field of methods of payment, both for its leadership and for the relevance of the projects in which we have participated, as well as for the opportunity to work with its excellent human and technical team. From REALSEC, we are confident that we can continue to contribute to the protection and continuity of its business with our financial HSMs and other encryption and information protection solutions developed by REALSEC.”

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