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The Role of PKI Solutions for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network made up of different physical objects with which we coexist on a daily basis (such as machines, clothes, household appliances, …), responsible for exchanging and sharing data over the Internet. All this data and the millions of devices and services that are connected need to be protected to prevent cybercriminals from getting hold of them, and one way of guaranteeing their security is the implementation of PKI solutions, also known as Public Key Infrastructure.

What are PKI solutions?

When we talk about a PKI solution (Public Key Infrastructure), we refer to the technology behind digital certificates that certifies and validates the user’s identity by means of public and private encryption keys. It is used to verify the device itself and access permissions. In fact, it is a fundamental part of device authentication.

PKI solutions are also used to protect web pages, encrypt files, digital signatures, authenticate and encrypt e-mail, authenticate wireless network nodes, and authenticate VPN connections. It is used by public administrations, financial institutions and enterprises.

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PKI solutions in the Internet of Things

The IoT has been a breakthrough in technology, as now every user can be connected to several devices at the same time and anywhere. This has led to the proliferation of the Internet of Things in recent years. This, in turn, has boosted the use of PKI solutions due to the fact that there has been a call effect on hackers who want to get their hands on our data.

The IoT has several functions. It is responsible for bringing the virtual world together with the real world, helping to secure companies or collecting data from equipment. PKI has long been used to secure connections between servers, machines and devices, so it is a great solution to ensure data privacy handled in the IoT.

What is the role of PKI solutions in the IoT?

It must be said that PKIs comply with the most basic principles of information security on the Internet. They provide:

  • Authentication. As mentioned above, a PKI solution is key in authenticating devices, VPN connections, etc.
  • Encryption. PKI provides some basic mechanisms that ensure that communications remain private using encryption and/or scrambling.
  • Data integrity. It provides users with a mechanism to know if a message is still the same as when it was sent. In other words, it validates that there has been neither alteration nor repudiation.

The main function of PKI solutions in the Internet of Things is very clear: to support and maintain trust in the IoT ecosystem. What PKIs do is add an extra layer of security to systems and valuable information. In this way, it allows users to better defend against hacker attacks and provide a more secure and trusted environment.

As can be seen, PKIs play a fundamental role in the security of the Internet of Things. Their implementation is considered key to data and information protection.

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