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What is a Cloud HSM and what are the advantages?

Protecting critical assets and customer sensitive information are two of the main objectives of any organization and HSMs will help you to achieve this. These hardware security modules are primarily responsible for the storage and custody of cryptographic keys using two of the most secure encryption algorithms on the market today: symmetric and asymmetric.

Aware of the strategic importance of cybersecurity, more and more organizations are betting on the robust protection of their data and their customers’ data through the implementation of hardware security modules (HSMs). This commitment to HSMs has experienced great growth for some time now, as it is becoming increasingly common for organizations to carry out procedures with other companies or public administrations; the financial sector is increasing its activity with digital banking and Fintech in the new reality of Digital Transformation. We are immersed as a societyin digitalization and this will continue  to grow with actions such as the increase in purchases through e-commerce or payments through mobile devices. Below, we explain what is a cloud HSMand what arethe advantages if you select them to protect the data and information of your company.

What is a cloud HSM?

Cloud HSMs or Hardware Security Modules in the cloud offer customers the same functionalities and features as a traditional HSM device on-premise, but with the great difference and advantage that all the data and information secured and encrypted is stored in the cloud. Furthermore, customers using cloud HSMs will not have to allocate space and money in facilities and servers or in the maintenance of theappliances.

what is a cloud hsm

What are the advantages of cloud HSM?

Some of the key benefits and advantages of cloud HSMs include:

  • The amount spent to hire the services of an HSM in the cloud will be considerably reduced by not having to spend part of that money to prepare an infrastructure and hire servers and a maintenance service.
  • Aligning cryptographic security requirements with a cloud strategy.
  • Its hiring will facilitate the shift from an equity to an operating investment model.
  • Improving the productivity of your business security staff, since they can engage and focus on other tasks.
  • Achieve safety requirements such as FIPS 140-2 and Common Critera EAL 4+.

Are HSMs in the cloud as secure as local hardware security modules?

advantages of HSMs in the cloud

Thanks to cloud HSMs, organizations are gaining much more flexibility and simplicity. As we mentioned earlier, this type of HSM offers the same functionalities and features as on-premiseHSMs, therefore, the difference between deployment options is not the level of security, but the convenience it provides the user.So to the question we raised, the answer is YES, HSMs in the cloud are just as secure as local, on-premisehardware security modules.

The cloud service providers will be responsible for the server farms and will be responsable for the cloud itself and the customers will be responsible for their use in the cloud.

From REALSEC, we hope that this article has helped you understand what cloud HSMs are and what are their main advantages. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are an encryption company specializing in hardware security modules and among all of our HSMs, we are pleased to now share with you a cloud-based, fully managed, Payment HSM service provided by MYHSM by Utimaco

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