REALSEC security trends 2016

REALSEC sets out its opinion about trends in security world for this year 2016.

Those trends have been published in the IT Trends Portal of Silicon Week.
Moreover, what has also been published about these trends in English is:
From REALSEC’s standpoint, we have observed the following trends for the next year 2016 in the field of encryption and digital signature among others:

  • Digital signature and encryption in mobile environments (iOS, Android, etc.).
  • Tokenization for secure transactions with mobile devices.
  • Certification, Encryption, and Digital Signature Services using HSMs in the cloud.

To meet these new trends, REALSEC has set in the market its new HSMs (Hardware Security Module) generation to provide:

  • The largest performance available in the market.
  • Possibility to operate in cloud environments (virtualization).
  • App for digital signature of documents from mobile environments.
  • Higher levels of certification.

It also includes new and more powerful security algorithms.

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